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Designed for Nonprofits

Nonprofit marketing is more than just showing off the good work you do and gaining a large social media followership—it’s about developing relationships with and between your volunteers, fans, staff, donors, and the people you serve.

I've been in your shoes.

Before jumping into my consulting career, I spent 12 years working within nonprofits in a variety of roles and know exactly how much weight our "other duties as assigned" job description carries. 

As nonprofit pros, we pour our whole selves into this work and often sacrifice our own wellbeing for the sake of those we serve, believe we can do it all on our own, and when we do need help, we're not even sure where to start because marketing for nonprofits is so different from the more readily-available corporate marketing advice that's out there. Sound familiar?

You won't benefit from a one-size-fits all, templated approach, also don't want to hand-hold the people you hire to help you grow.


When you and I work together, you get: 

Creative Solutions

I've tried out a ton of stuff and know what does and doesn't work for nonprofit engagement & donor communications. I want to create solutions that fit within your budget, can be easily maintained, are visually appealing, and get others excited about the work you do. 

Mental Health Expertise

I have a MS in Counseling Psychology, years of crisis social work experience, and a knack for simplifying the complexities of our human experience into relatable content.


More importantly, my storytelling style is trauma-informed, ensuring that the people you serve are cared for as they share their experience and their dignity & safety are honored at all times. 

A Fresh Perspective

I'm an outsider and haven't heard your message a billion times like you and your staff have. I'll help to re-work your brand messaging to feel fresh & reflect the impact you have quickly & effectively.  

Fractional CMO

Fractional Chief Marketing Officer

If your team is feeling squeezed for time and feel overwhelmed with adding even one more campaign, event, or project, I'm your gal. Organizations are commonly in flux and by partnering, we can tackle your to-do list, create sustainable systems that your team can grow with, and finally create capacity for creative and impactful campaigns that propel your mission forward.

Photo of Sarah Grone sitting on a stool


6-12 months initial commitment + ongoing support available


$3,400+ monthly retainer

Nonprofit Brand & Web Design
Photo of a colorful keyboard


1-3 months is typical


  • Brand identity & messaging starts at $1,850

  • Website overhauls & platform switches starts at $3,500

  • Need a simple refresh? Let's talk.

Brand & Web Design for Nonprofits

A cohesive brand and aligned messaging are crucial components for driving desirable outcomes, like growing your donor base and retaining dedicated volunteers. Clear messaging allows your team to become your most effective ambassadors because they will know how to talk about your mission & effortlessly ask others for support.

Annual Report & Appeal Design

Is this you? It's nearing the end of your fiscal year and your team is pulling reports about the hard work you've done this past year. The board and your donors want to see it all, but the thought of pulling it together and creating an impact report fills you with dread. But, it really doesn't need to feel like an obligation or a boring summary of the nuanced work you do. I'm here to help you reimagine how you can use your impact report as a launchpad for a deeper conversation and add meaningful touchpoints with those who direct their resources towards your mission.

Just like you, I want to be the best steward of your organization's resources and offer a dynamic way to expand the reach and ROI of our work together by creating a full suite of deliverables that you can use throughout the entire next year to raise funds and awareness. 

Annual Report Design
Photo of Sarah Grone in a yellow shirt


1-3 months is typical


  • Annual report design & appeal package starts at $4,600


payment plans available

Strategy Session


Big Impact, done in a day!

You will get me all to yourself to help you knock out a marketing or design project 

Prior to your Design Day, we'll review your current pain-points, identify areas for growth, and develop a plan to get you there.

This is your time and is completely customized to meet your needs. Here are just a few possibilities:

  • Develop a plan to build your email list, set up your email newsletter templates and automations, and create a content marketing plan to promote your event or campaign.

  • Put some polish on your brand standards and implement this via new graphics for social media profiles, email, website imagery, and print media. Perhaps a Canva template buildout? 

  • Map out your entire annual content marketing strategy & plan to implement

  • Re-work your brand messaging to clearly state your daily work, outcomes, and calls-to-action. 

  • Website audit with a strategy to more effectively communicate your mission, the good work you do, and showcase your supporters. 

pink arrow painted on a white wall with brick on the bottom of the wall


1 work day + some prep work


  • $997

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