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Your End of Year Fundraising Plan Just Got Sweeter!

Your dedication to your organization's mission is remarkable


Every day, you and your team make a profound impact on those you serve. We recognize the importance of donor support in sustaining your mission. That's why we're here to help you elevate your fundraising efforts and cultivate deeper connections with your donors.


Direct mail is one of the most effective ways to market your cause to both new and existing donors, adding a personalized touch to your direct response fundraising campaign.

Building Relationships

Your donors aren't just financial supporters— they are partners on your journey.


Investing in meaningful relationships with them is key to fostering long-term loyalty and support.


Maximizing Impact

When donors understand the impact of their contributions, they're more likely to give generously and continue supporting your cause over time.


Did you know that nonprofits with a strong donor stewardship strategy experience a 40% increase in donor retention rates?


Fostering Loyalty

Personalized communication and genuine appreciation go a long way in making donors feel valued and connected to your organization.


Research from Bloomerang shows that donors who receive personalized communication are four times more likely to keep giving.


Boosting Fundraising Efforts

Engaged donors become your best advocates, spreading the word about your mission and inspiring others to get involved.


According to the Charity Dynamics, engaged donors are two times more likely to refer others to your cause.

A comprehensive donor engagement plan brings big rewards for everyone involved. For your organization, it means stronger relationships with donors, leading to more consistent support and increased fundraising success.


In our community, it translates to more resources for important projects and programs, ultimately making a bigger impact on the lives of those we serve. And for every donor, it means feeling connected, appreciated, and confident that their contributions are truly making a difference in the world.

Your Donor's Journey

Case Study

Learn how our comprehensive approach led to a staggering 374% increase in end-of-year fundraising for one nonprofit!

Free Guide

Grab our FREE guide to perfecting donor communication timing! 

Reduce staff workload

Boost fundraising effectiveness

Working Together

Image by Courtney Cook


  • Meeting with ED/ Development Team to align goals

  • Gather key details (i.e. impactful org data, audience traits, printing details, brand components, photos, mailing list for segmentation, etc.)

  • Story interview with your org staff/ volunteers/ clients




  • Every piece of content will reflect your organization’s brand visuals & voice.​​​

  • Emails each come with a designed header, social media captions are paired with an on-brand image, and direct mail pieces will be sent to you in a printer-ready format.​​​

  • Up to 2 rounds of edits are available for your team.



  • We’ll ensure that your team has the copy and graphics needed for them to easily input them into your organization’s email system, post to social, and coordinate printing & mail logistics.

Your 3 Month

October, November, December, + January Bonus

Payment Plan:

$1,000 deposit at the time of booking
+ 3 monthly payments of $2,800

10 Emails

20 Social Media Posts

1 printed direct mail appeal package (letter)

1 printed direct mail appeal package (card)

Donor thank you letter copy

Online ‘donate’ page recommendations

Story gathering via interview with your team

+ 4 FREE BONUSES (total value of $3,150):


($1,950 value)

A one-hour professional consultation evaluating your nonprofit’s annual fundraising strategy, with actionable insights provided in a follow-up PDF document.


($250 value)

Make it easy for your board members and your biggest ambassadors to share your org’s fundraising campaigns with their networks using our fill-in-the-blank template pack.


($500 value)

Optimize your organization’s email and physical mailing lists through strategic segmentation with the goal of raising more funds through personalized messaging.


($450 value)

1 thank you email


1 thank you social media post for a successful fundraising season

Your Direct Mail Fundraising Experts

Jarrett Ransom and Sarah Grone crossed paths while working with the same nonprofit client. Since 2019, we've been strategizing and implementing successful fundraising campaigns, newsletters, impact reports, and more for numerous Arizona-based organizations.

Out of the many partner organizations we've worked with, most have faced challenges in effectively communicating with donors—asking for support, expressing gratitude, and reporting back on their impact—particularly through the high-response medium of mail. This shared experience motivated us to team up and assist nonprofits in minimizing their concerns and maximizing their growth.

Meet Jarrett & Sarah

J+S Campaign Proposal  END OF YEAR.jpg

Jarrett Ransom started The Rayvan Group, LLC in 2009 and has helped create, build, and scale nonprofit organizations through strategic fundraising efforts.


As President and CEO, Jarrett consults with 501c3 and 501c6 organizations to help them see the future of their organization. Not just their immediate needs, but several years down the road by providing strategic planning extending 3, 5, 10 years and beyond.

J+S Campaign Proposal  END OF YEAR_edited.png

Sarah Grone founded Project Big Impact in 2018 with the goal of connecting people to important nonprofit missions through impactful storytelling.


With an MS in Counseling Psychology and 19 years in nonprofits, Sarah excels in crafting strategic community engagement and donor communications plans. Her trauma-informed approach combined with on-brand visual design transforms casual supporters into dedicated donors.

Case Study

Learn how our comprehensive approach led to a staggering 374% increase in end-of-year fundraising for one nonprofit!

Free Guide

Grab our FREE guide to perfecting donor communication timing! 

Reduce staff workload

Boost fundraising effectiveness

Image by Courtney Cook
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