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Waste Not

Fractional CMO

Waste Not's mission is two-fold: divert perishable food from landfills (good for our environment!) and feed thousands of people experiencing hunger daily (good for our neighbors!). The biggest challenge in amplifiying their mission is that truck routes, excess food, and filling community refridgerators are just not as photogenic as causes that support cute puppies and babies. To overcome this challenge, we had to bring our followers along on our truck routes, let them get to know our team members, our donors, the organizations supported, and ultimately, the individuals and families who were nourished by the food donated.

My Fractional CMO work with Waste Not spanned three years, during which we re-branded, launched a new website, grew their single annual fundraising event to reach more people, and raised funds and fans for some of the most impactful years in their 30+ year history.

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