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Mindfulness First

Fractional CMO

Mental health is a tricky topic to discuss and, for an data-driven organization like Mindfulness First, it's easy for organizational messaging to become overly complex. Together, we refined their mission statement and pivoted their core messaging to discuss the outcomes of their programs rather than getting tangled in the features and functions of each service they offer.

We simplified their impact report from 60+ pages to under 20, redesigned many of their presentation decks, and created print items such as flyers and rack cards with targeted verbiage and clear calls to action. We've all heard of segmenting our email lists, but in this instance, we segmented our print materials list—each speaking directly and clearly to one distinct audience and improving effectiveness.

Additionally, Mindfulness First hosted their first ever fundraising and friend-raising in-person event and then quickly decided that one was not enough and celebrated their 10 year anniversary with a successful fundraising Mindful Art party!

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