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Marketing Innovation That Supports Your Mission

The work you do is making a big impact.

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Your customers LOVE to hear from you and every message needs to be timely, well-designed, and targeted.


A cohesive brand and genuine, targeted messaging are crucial components of successful donor and volunteer stewardship.



From a simple pick-me-up to a complete overhaul- we've got you! We specialize in Wix & Squarespace.

Project Big Impact solves distinct digital technology problems with effective marketing tools, processes, and strategies, customized for our clients.



Hi! I'm Sarah.


I LOVE helping people who make a difference in our world.


I've worked in the nonprofit field for 15 years and know how many hats nonprofit employees wear.


Whether you're running a nonprofit or a small business, you always need more time to focus on the things you do best. Project Big Impact is here to help fill the gap so you can get back to making your own impact. 


Today, there are so many ways to connect and missions can get lost in the noise- let's make these opportunities as meaningful as possible. 


Let's REALLY Connect