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your new (on demand) chief marketing officer

The work you do is already making a big impact.
How can I help make it bigger?

You're likely here because your organization's growth and your dreams for even more are outpacing your capacity to get things done and you need support. Congrats! I want you to know that I'm here for you and that I'm invested in co-creating tech and marketing solutions that build up your community of supporters while taking the pressure off of you to "do it all". Ready to dive in? 


Your customers LOVE to hear from you and every message needs to be timely, well-designed, and targeted (without taking up much of your time!)


A cohesive brand and genuine, targeted messaging are crucial components of successful donor and volunteer stewardship. Let's polish your communications strategy.


Your website is the digital face of your organization and you need to know how to make basic updates. From a simple pick-me-up to a complete overhaul- we've got you!


Get & keep your biggest fans. Let's spruce up your org's donor stewardship practices & increase donor retention in a streamlined way.

Meet Your Nonprofit Communications Enthusiast, Digital Fundraiser, & Tech Troubleshooter



I LOVE helping people who make a difference in our world.

Whether you're running a nonprofit or a small business, you always need more time to focus on the things you do best. I'm here to help fill the gap so you can get back to making an impact. 

I help nonprofits and small businesses share their inspiring missions and impact with the world while growing their fanbase through creative marketing solutions.


With a MS in Counseling Psychology and 18 years working within the nonprofit sector, I’ve made it my personal mission to support others who are doing good work by changing our communities for the better.


Knowing just how many hats nonprofit and small business employees wear, I aim to co-develop impactful technology and marketing processes and systems that let everyone get back to doing what they do best. 

Today, there are so many ways to connect and missions can get lost in the noise- let's make these opportunities as meaningful as possible



What are you waiting for?!


Let's REALLY Connect

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