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If you don't have the need to hire us to run your communications, branding and strategy, but still want to learn from the best, our courses are right for you



Your tagline fits right here...

Tell customers more about you. Add a few words and a stunning pic to grab their attention and get them to click.


Your tagline fits right here...

Tell customers more about you. Add a few words and a stunning pic to grab their attention and get them to click.

Who Should Participate in This Series:

If any of these situations sound familiar, this webinar is for you . . .

  • Your strategic plan has big lofty goals and super-specific tactics, but no real guidance in between on strategies or objectives that would help you make good decisions from day to day. Or better yet, your strategic plan just says, “create a communications plan.”

  • You think you are doing all the right things, but you aren’t entirely sure why you are doing them or to what end.

  • Your communications team is just doing, doing, doing all the time, pounding out the content without any concrete goals, strategies, or objectives in place.

  • You know you are overworked, but you can’t clearly articulate why it is that you need a bigger team or budget.

  • You personally have a communications plan, but no one else at your nonprofit seems to understand why it matters.

During this two-part webinar series, we’ll give you the concepts and tools you need to lead conversations at your nonprofit that lead to meaningful and effective communications planning.

With these plans, you’ll go beyond just wishing and make some real progress!

What We Will Be Talking About

Debate and confusion on planning definitions abound. Here’s the language we’ll be using in this training:

Goals are the broad primary marketing outcomes that support your organization’s larger mission-oriented goals. Examples of goals include raising issue awareness, fundraising from individuals, and managing your brand and reputation so that your nonprofit can achieve its mission. You can add measures within goals, such as “retain 75% of our donors year to year.”  We’ll look at the 12 marketing goals that nonprofits most often pursue.

Strategies are the marketing approaches you to take to achieve your goals. Examples of strategies include content marketing strategies, event marketing strategies, and relationship marketing strategies. We’ll discuss a dozen common nonprofit marketing strategies and share our data on which strategies nonprofits are most likely to use given their goals.

Objectives are the SMART steps you take to achieve a strategy, and we define SMART as Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Resourced, and Time-Bound. Examples include building a mailing list by 10%, doubling website form conversion rates, and increasing social media engagement by 20%. We’ll give you a great set of objectives to choose from so that you can customize them specifically for your nonprofit, along with new data about which objectives are most popular for nonprofits.

Tactics are the tools you use to pursue the objectives associated with your strategy. Tactics include both communications channels like email, PR and social media, as well as specific types of content like storytelling or infographics. Again, we’ll give you a great list to start your conversations.

What You’ll Take Away from the Webinars

After participating in this two-part series, you will understand

  • The most common goals, strategies, objectives, and tactics for nonprofit communicators

  • How to best combine various goals, strategies, objectives, and tactics for success (which ones generally go best together)

  • How to customize the goals, strategies, and objectives specifically for your nonprofit

  • How to decide within your nonprofit on the best combinations – and which ones should be given top priority -- given your specific organizational needs

  • How, when and where to document these decisions

  • How to track implementation of the plan


When you register, you'll get access to a free PDF of our Nonprofit Communications Strategic Planning Card Deck that will allow you to shuffle through all of the most common nonprofit marketing goals, strategies, objectives, and tactics. You can visually mix and match the cards to create the winning hand for your nonprofit.

Don't want to print and cut out the card deck yourself? We'll have professionally printed card decks available for sale soon.

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Tell customers more about you. Add a few words and a stunning pic to grab their attention and get them to click.

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